Matt Milan is an award winning French composer well known for being a gifted and eclectic musician. His unique compositions feature a wide variety of instruments such as orchestral, electronic, and traditional to express his expansive range of emotions. Matt developed a style of his own using elaborate, yet simple, melodies that strike a cord with the audience. He composes, produces and mixes in his professional studio that is based in Los Angeles.

  Matt is also an accomplished producer. His collaboration with the company Wiseworld Entertainment lead him to work on award winning projects such as "The Tsarevich" and "The Acrobat". 

  Matt studied classical singing, piano and musical theory in the prestigious International Conservatory of Music in Paris, for which he received a Master Degree. A multi instrumentalist, Matt began writing songs for French classical singers until his passion for movies brought him to score his first pieces in France. Led by cinematic opportunities, he moved to Los Angeles where he collaborated with numerous international and local filmmakers.

  Years of freelancing have taught Matt the arcana of the industry, working on time, with a budget and under pressure. Matt adds a significant production value to every project, combining his attention to details and his passion for story telling. As his scores have greatly contributed to the success of the films he worked on, producers and filmmakers spoke in glowing terms about his compositions.

  Matt’s movies have been in competition around the world, featuring A-list actors and award winning team members. He is currently attached to compose for two feature films with international release. Matt Milan’s European roots inspire him to write timeless, mystical and subtle pieces of music, opening the way to infinite possibilities.

   Those who work with Matt Milan give praise of his dedication and professional manner and, thanks to the recommendations from others, many seek him out for his unique style.