Festivals / Awards

Matt's movies have been in competition around the world, featuring A-list actors and award winning team members. 

The Acrobat (Dir. by Geoffroy FAUGEROLAS) - Telly Silver Award Winner  Telly Award 


A Girl, A Man, A Dog (Dir. Xi YANG) - Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner

The Tsarevich (Dir. by Geoffroy FAUGEROLAS) - Silver Medal Winner, Outstanding Achivement, from the Global Music Award GMAwardsGMAwards    - Manhattan Film Festival - International Film Festival Russia - Idyllwild international Festival of Cinema - Cinerockom International film festival


Alice (Dir. Geoffroy FAUGEROLAS) - Montréal World Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival - Idyllwild international Festival of Cinema   


The Dark Ages (Dir. by Geoffroy FAUGEROLAS)  - SOCAL Film Festival


Residue (Dir. by Robert Thorpe) - Route 66 international film festival, International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts, Tyler Texas Film Festival.


Limbo (Dir. by Geoffroy FAUGEROLAS) - Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival


My Only Son (Dir. by Geoffroy FAUGEROLAS) - New York-Los Angeles 2013 International Film Festival  


Press releasing

- Nick Vollmer, journalist at Cinelinx, about the score of "The Tsarevich": […] The music is spot on and adds genuine feeling instead of being intrusive, and Geoffroy Faugérolas' passion for the topic comes through in every scene.  In short, The Tsarevich is a beautiful film in which all of the pieces work together powerfully to forward its purpose and connect the audience to its characters. […]

Nick Vollmer, journalist at Cinelinx, about the score of "Alice": […] There is a palpable tension to this film, and while it can’t be defined as a thriller in the sense the word is often used these days, Alice creates a psychological tension that is nonetheless thrilling.  Matt Milan’s emotional soundtrack carries the audience every step of the way, and the location couldn’t be better suited to the film. […] […] Clearly a very personal and important film for Geoffroy Faugérolas, Alice stands tall as a wonderful example of aestheticism going hand in hand with purpose.  Beautifully filmed with a haunting soundtrack and great acting, the only flaws in Alice come from the constraints of the short film format and trying to fit too much in.

- Interview from Director Geoffroy Faugérolas from The Flickering Myth: […] Creative support comes from an essential member of the production team. “Matt Milan, the composer of both movies (Alice and The Tsarevich), was also involved in post-production and advised Alena and me during the editing and the sound design.[…][…]Matt Milan was given creative freedom when composing the musical score for "Alice".  “Matt decided right away to give a theme to each character and depict the battle of Good versus Evil in music.   For "The Tsarevich", we extensively immersed ourselves in Russian music [Shostakovich, Tchaikovsky, and Prokofiev] to recreate a believable atmosphere. However, Matt surprised us by using almost magical tones that took the Prince Alexei quest to a new level.”[…]